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Paintball Group

Private Group Play

You don't have to play with people you don't know. We offer private group play so you can compete with friends and acquaintances, as well as others of your own skill level. Our private games are perfect for special events and families. Make your reservation beforehand to set a start time for your team of four or more players. Field paint only for guns.

Gun, mask, loaders, and free air are included for 4 hours at $20.

Paintball Group

Walk-On Matches

Make new friends and comrades in battle during our walk-on paintball matches. Skill levels may vary, but you may learn new techniques that will help you grow into a proficient player. Remember to bring your own paint for your guns and don't hesitate to call our team for questions or for info.

Paintball Combat Zone

Unique Battlefields

Get your adrenaline pumping and prepare yourself for ultimate combat at Robertsville, Missouri's most extreme paintball park. Our unique battlefields include strategically placed buildings, barricades, and large spaces that allow for an exciting war game experience. No game is ever the same at Fearless Fighters Paintball, as our playing fields are always changing. We have extra-large fields to accommodate your private group and other battle-tested individuals.

Bon Fire

Bonfires & Camping

The fun doesn't stop in our combat zone. We have a safe and private picnic area where you can enjoy your own food and beverages after a hard-fought match. When the day is over, test your mettle and survival instinct by camping out overnight while enjoying a bonfire in our recreation area. You'll bond with other battle-hardened competitors over the day's battles and victories.

Now - Sept 30th
$45 for 2,000 Paintballs
oct - Dec
Pay $55 for
winter paint

About Us

It's time to drop the video game controllers and pick up a paintball marker for simulated combat. For more than 30 years, we've followed the sport of paintball and have created the ultimate playing experience. From shooting in a small paintball arena or field with inflatable obstacles to strategic operations in a war game atmosphere, we've brought the excitement to countless competitors at affordable prices. Our park is under new leadership, and we take into account your ideas for the ideal paintball experience. Make Fearless Fighters Paintball one of your traditional entertainment destinations today.

Two Paintball Players


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5569 Calvey Creek Road, Robertsville, MO, 63072

We're located near Pacific, Missouri and Six Flags since 1982.

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Robertsville, Wildwood, Eureka, Saint Clair, Hillsboro, Festus, Crystal City, Union, Washington, House Springs, Cedar Hill, High Ridge, Fenton, Manchester, Chesterfield, & Sullivan

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